By: Andrea On: February 23, 2021 In: Postal Cabana Comments: 0
This is our mailbox cabana that we put up several years ago purchased from www.vixenhill.com. We first inquired about the stability and strength to hold up under Louisiana weather and major hurricanes and we were very confident we had the right product.
Well kudos to them! Within the last six months there were major hurricanes in South Louisiana, not to mention the crazy weather throughout the years since we put it up. And now recently, the hard freeze and temperatures below 20 degrees and countless wind storms and even hail! Honestly I believe they were some of the worst we have seen and the cabana is standing like nothing happened! No broken glass, no pieces missing or even loose! It’s like the first day we put it up! They are built to last!
This is a small version of the products they offer and they are truly well built and made to last. Check them out for any of your pavilion, porch, cabana, arbors, shutters, garden house, pergola, windows and porch needs!

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